Business Advisor

You’re an expert for a reason. You’ve dedicated your life to researching, producing, and refining your vision. You know your stuff, but you’re not Superman; you can’t do everything and be everywhere. Even Superman hires a CPA when he’s filing his taxes. At Thought Leadership Leverage, we take a holistic approach to the needs of your brand with our Thought Leadership Consulting service. Our unique experiences, resources, and expertise allow us to juggle the balls you hate carrying to begin with. You focus on being the best it is at what you do, we’ll take care of devising the strategies to get you there and implementing them in a viable way.

Accountability Partnership

Iron sharpens iron. Call us a coach, a consultant, an advisor; we’re here to keep you accountable. We’re not a baby-sitting service. We understand that sometimes it’s easier to stress over a headline than it is to write the actual content, but we want to make sure you’re aligned and on track. We’re not going to slap you on the wrist when you slack on your goals, but instead we want to open an honest dialogue where you can be engaged and challenged by a mentor that recognizes your goals and understands a world of innovation and creativity.

Business Transformation

Are you running a practice or a business? If the success of your product constantly depends on your presence, then you’re running a practice. These might be things like writing books or articles, keynote speeches, workshops, or consulting engagements, but when you run a business you have the same options as well as training solutions, assessment tools, consulting engagements (that you aren’t personally delivering), e-learning, coaching, and more. You can sell a business, you can step away from a business, someone else can operate a business, and that business will continue to generate cash and recurring revenue.

Let Thought Leadership Leverage help transform your brand from a practice to a business and give you the opportunity to impact more than just the audience that’s in the room.

Interim Leadership

Thought Leadership Leverage’s core leaders have the knowledge, experience, and integrity to take on a variety of positions within your company on an interim basis, including:

  • CEO
  • COO
  • President
  • Managing Director
  • SVP
  • Consultant

Virtual Consulting (Practice Leader to Junior Consultant)

Great content goes a long way, having the right strategy is great, and a strong vision inspires confidence, but despite how well researched, thought out, and executed your platform may be, if you surround yourself with the wrong people, your vision will still fall short.

We might not be the right people all of the time (we have no clue how to pass against a 4-3 defensive formation) but in this case, our team of writers, researchers, and consultants, as well as our network of PhD’s, organizational psychologists, graphic designers, publishers, marketers and salespeople have an intimate knowledge of the daily operations and needs of a thought leader.