Our research department will take the biggest questions surrounding your vision and ask:

  • What are academics saying?
  • What are business professionals saying?
  • What are consultants saying?
We pair these discoveries with competitive market research and synthesize that content into an insightful, articulate, and easy-to-understand report that answers each of your key questions, complete with an annotated bibliography describing each study as well as links to the original source material.


There are three basic types of metric:

  • Metrics the organization already uses
  • Self-report data
  • Sifted data
Metrics can help you articulate to corporate buyers where their company currently stands on a specific issue, and how your products and services can help them improve.

IP Review

If you’re like most thought leaders, you’re probably a forward-thinking, creative type. You’re frequently thinking about improving tomorrow. That’s great, but frequently we have things buried in yesterday’s content library that can be repurposed for tomorrow’s execution. The very ideas you’ve kept tucked away, when looked at through today’s lens, just might be the next big thing.

At Thought Leadership Leverage, we can help you process through the IP languishing in your filing cabinets, hard drives, and desk drawers to find the hidden jewels just waiting to be produced and monetized.

Roadmap Development

A customized solution, our Roadmap Development services takes an in-depth analysis of the current state of your IP and researches your target market as well as current and potential customers. With this information we work together to craft your value proposition for a clear and specific strategic direction, leaving you in the unique position to fulfill your goals.

With your value proposition set up, we can then develop an initial product roadmap that concisely lays out what modalities your content can be converted into as well as the costs of each solution and its market potential.

Model Development

You have your thought leadership content, now you need an audience. You have your ideas, now they need to be structured. Our Model Development process takes your IP and generates statements that align with the core of your vision. We then organize those statements into an easily-navigable taxonomy that helps extract general themes about your vision, where it can have the greatest impact, and how it can be executed.

Book Launch

Book Launches get in the way. They take up time, resources, and brainpower that you could use locking down speaking opportunities, developing new content, or taking a nap—especially if planning and organization isn’t your forte. We’ll plan the launch and an associated Thought Leadership Marketing campaign, as well as speaking and business outreach opportunities.

Train the Trainer

You may be short on time, people, or resources to implement an organizational change initiative for a client that wants your services. Or, a client may prefer to use your content in an internal program.  You don’t have to turn them away. We understand training and we know how to assist you in developing certification programs for trainers.  With Training Certification, any number of trainers can be trained to roll out your message, increasing your leverage and expanding the impact of your message.


A lot of people hate writing. Fortunately at Thought Leadership Leverage, we have a collection of staff writers who actually enjoy plunking away at a keyboard. Whether it’s blogs, tweets, marketing and sales materials, manifestos, or value propositions, our writers will adapt their writing styles to match your specific voice.

Value Proposition Crafting

What are you promising your clients? How can your thought leadership content change employee behaviors, actions, thoughts, or beliefs? If you don’t know, you should.

Thought Leadership Leverage can work with you to review your strategy, goals, and current IP holdings to develop a clear value proposition that clarifies your vision, opens new opportunities, and articulates your value to future clients.