Thought Leadership Leverage sells organizational development and training programs at the enterprise level.  These are large engagements that have a major impact on an organization.  Do you have a product offering that’s ready for the enterprise?

Take your content to market with a high impact Thought Leadership Video Training series. Our full 30 video series not only introduces your content to the market in a new and exciting way, but creates a scalable training solution to leverage your B2B content.  Each video is about 3 minutes in length and covers 2-3 learning objectives.

Early in our Video Production schedule, our strategic planning team will work alongside you to uncover the best way to transform your vision and leverage your IP.  An instructional designer will then use that direction to identify the learning objectives for each video and develop personalized scripts for your unique voice.  An associated job aid is created for each module, providing an individual or group activity to help reinforce the learning objectives.

We understand that getting in front of a camera can be a daunting experience; we not only develop a quality product that accurately represents your platform, but we minimize the stress of production.

We work alongside a professional crew of directors, writers, cinematographers, teleprompter, editors, and make-up artists to make sure you look and sound, your best. After the shoot, our production team will edit the video and add any necessary graphics to your content, leaving you with a well-crafted product we can take to market.

Raise the impact of your training!

Juliet Discusses Video the Production Process, It's a Fun Process!