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    Gaining exposure in today’s crowded marketplace presents many challenges. Thought Leadership Leverage has the experience, expertise and credentials to help you get the exposure you need.

    Peter and Bill’s model, system, and process make a misunderstood and ambiguous concept (thought leadership) into a strategy you can use to really drive a business, in many ways. I enjoyed my time working with them, and they gave me the insight and push I need to take things in a new exciting direction.

    Chloe Thomas

    Peter and Bill brought new insights to my approach to making and impact through my work. They took my thinking in directions I would not have gotten to without them.

    Perry Klebahn

    Thought Leadership Leverage opened up opportunities we had never dreamed of. Their deft analysis and clear direction have brought fresh meaning and vigor to our business. An absolute no-brainer.

    Jeremy Utley