Are you accomplishing everything you want to as a Thought Leader?

See if you could use help in any areas.

My ideas are reaching those who need to hear them:

Everyone in all the markets on my radar.
Everyone in some of the markets I’ve thought about.
Some executives at places where I’ve made a keynote speech.
My dog listens to me intently.

When business leaders who have seen me speak or read my book ask me for other solutions for their business, I respond:

We’ll do an organizational diagnostic to determine the digital learning, assessments, and other products you might need.
I’ve been thinking about creating some products to roll out at an enterprise level.
I have another book in the works…I can stretch my keynote into a half day workshop…if you want to buy something, I’ll make it.
Uhmm, ahem, well, uhh…even my dog would be cocking his head by this point.

You have a lot of ideas vying for your mind-space and time but you have been able to narrow your intellectual property down to:

One specific, easily marketable, bite-size digestible platform.
Several concepts you can sometimes expound on to completion before a prospect’s eyes glaze over.
Two file cabinets where almost all drawers will close and six foot high stacks on the credenza.
Where’s the dog?

You have plenty of time:

To turn your practice into a business.
To handle some tasks like branding, publishing, sales and marketing, and creating products.
To catch the next flight out to your 114th speaking engagement so far this year.
What dog?

Your strategy to increase revenue while achieving a better work/life balance is:

To take 6 months off to create, record, select a host, load the host platform and determine how to sell a new learning series.
To write a book, or another book, and believing the intense effort to complete it will be compensated for by increased leisure time later.
To accept more speaking gigs so you’ll have even more travel rewards to bring your spouse along.
Get a cat so the dog stops making you feel guilty.

In order to move from a solo practice to a consulting business you’ve been:

Interviewing for a salesperson, ops mgr., instructional designer, I/O psychologist, writer, brand designer, videographer, and project manager.
Working with one of those unsolicited SEO specialists and reading up on indie publishers.
Talking with another family member about how he or she can help you.
Seriously considering becoming pet-free.

All 6 questions completed!

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Are you accomplishing everything you want to as a Thought Leader?

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