It’s rare to meet someone who has a bigger vision for you than you have for yourself. And who gets you. And who can actually help get you there. When I reached out to Peter for business advice, I had been in reactive mode: happy with my (amazing) day job and saying yes or no willy-nilly to the opportunities coming my way as a result of my writing and research and teaching. Peter became the only human being on earth to read EVERYTHING I’ve written—and not just the published stuff. He got to know me professionally even better than I knew myself. And, with his deep expertise in the business of thought leadership, he was able to help me figure out my special sauce. Without any pressure, he has offered to collaborate on execution in ways that allow me to leverage not just my thought leadership but also my time. Among other things, he saved me from a misguided book project in which I was quite invested, has had multiple creative insights, and has made fruitful introductions. Peter will help you develop and deliver your thought leadership platform – and if you need it, he’ll help you figure out what that is.

Zoe Chance