Who We Are

You have ideas. You know your field. Realize your vision.

Peter Winick has been helping thought leaders build their ideas into businesses for years.  Busy visionaries become busier dealing with PR firms, publishers, speaker bureaus, web developers…and the list goes on.  Peter had the concept of bringing that all together, so you could focus on mastering your craft.

Peter Winick and Richard Branson

At Thought Leadership Leverage, we bring Peter’s unique methods together with your own expertise in order to leverage your content and increase your brand awareness and generate revenue.

Together, we will establish a strategic roadmap to:

  • Develop your ideas into products that meet an existing demand, represent your vision, and produce an impact.
  • Implement focused sales and marketing campaigns that can be tracked to reflect effectiveness.

Through each of Thought Leadership Leverage’s services we carry out your vision through effective outreach that leads to a maximum impact.  Start realizing your vision; contact us to schedule your Strategy Session.

Continue reading on the right to see what so many other thought leaders have to say about working with Peter and Thought Leadership Leverage.  If you don’t see several here that you recognize, try our full list of Testimonials.

  • Tim Halloran, Author of
    “Peter Winick helped me to relook at my business model with a much broader lens and visualize how much of my book’s content could be added to my business offering.”
    Tim Halloran, Author of "Romancing The Brand"
  •  Steve Yastrow, Author of
    "Peter helped me see new paths to profitability, and to a better lifestyle ... two incredibly important things for a business owner. I now have new ways of looking at my business that will be with me for years. I highly recommend bringing Peter into your world. His insights will...read more
    Steve Yastrow, Author of "Ditch the Pitch," "We: The Ideal Customer Relationship," and "Brand Harmony"
  • Rose Fass - CEO, fassforward Consulting Group, Author of
    "I had the pleasure of meeting Peter at an authors gathering in Boston. I followed up with a phone call when I returned to New York. Let's just say that was one of the better decisions I made.  We got our leadership team together with Peter to help us define...read more
    Rose Fass - CEO, fassforward Consulting Group, Author of "The Chocolate Conversation"
  • Carol Sanford - Author of
    "Working with Peter is magic. After he consumed my decades of work, it took us 2 hours in the same room to nail my business focus. It was so obvious then when it had been scattered, fragmented and hidden until that moment. What a relief! My path feels much clearer."
    Carol Sanford - Author of "The Responsible Business"
  • Charles H. Green - Author of
    "Peter Winick helps thought leaders turn their ideas into real businesses. He gets you past the book-and-a-speech mode and into a commercial proposition that can make a real difference. No one else I know does that nearly as well."
    Charles H. Green - Author of "The Trusted Advisor"
  • Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman - The Wingman - National Bestselling Author of
    Peter literally transformed my business model by getting me to focus on blind spots I didn’t know I had. He has tremendous business acumen and an uncanny ability to get to the core of an ROI issue very quickly.  But what impresses me most about him is his generosity and...read more
    Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman - The Wingman - National Bestselling Author of "Never Fly Solo" and Hall of Fame Speaker
  • Pete Weissman - Communications Strategist
    “Peter Winick unlocks the hidden value that experts leave on the table. Talk with him once, and you’ll begin to see it.  Meet with Peter for a strategy session, and you’ll discover new ways to help your current clients and serve new ones.”
    Pete Weissman - Communications Strategist
  • Bernie Brenner
    “Peter is an expert at transforming someone’s unique information into a scalable product and more importantly, an expanded platform for revenue and category dominance.”
    Bernie Brenner
  • Linda Fisher Thornton
    “After our first conversation, I knew that I wanted to work with Peter. His mission to help those working to make a positive difference and his ability to quickly understand my situation and help me move forward were a powerful combination.  After we had been working together for a few...read more
    Linda Fisher Thornton
  • Christopher Avery, PhD - Author and Thought Leader
    “If you are looking to add more value while monetizing  your content and expertise, I can’t imagine anyone with more know-how, vision, connections, frameworks, possibilities, and opportunities than Peter. I got my investment back in a month. And I expect the ROI to grow significantly from here. Peter made me...read more
    Christopher Avery, PhD - Author and Thought Leader
  • Gregg Fasbinder
    “Peter is a ‘must meet’ when it involves Thought Leadership, content creation, marketing and growth. His proven entrepreneurial mindset delivers on his promises. Peter masterfully crafted a business plan and led our enterprise to new heights. His innovative strategic planning approach is for any solopreneur or CEO seeking to scale...read more
    Gregg Fasbinder
  • Juliet Funt - Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader
    “Peter is the perfect partner. Not only is he a seemingly endless resource of connections, ideas and brilliant strategy but he has the uncanny ability to push business forward in a fraction of the time expected.  Our company was set on fire from the first day we met with him...read more
    Juliet Funt - Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader
  • Andy Cohen - Author and Keynote Speaker
    “Peter is to business like a steroid is in sports. His ideas put muscle into your business growth at remarkable speed.”
    Andy Cohen - Author and Keynote Speaker
  • MariAnne Vanella
    “Peter is in that top 5% of people that really “get it.”  I met him several years back when he was working with Keith Ferrazzi and was entirely impressed—the results he got with Keith speak for themselves. When I had the requirement to expand my own thought leadership reach and...read more
    MariAnne Vanella
  • Paul Glover - Executive Coach and Author of
    "As an Executive Coach I know what it takes to help people reach their goals. I can say, unequivocally, that Peter's passion, personality and expertise brings the clarity of thought and intensity of focus necessary to determine the best course of action for reaching those goals. Not only has Peter...read more
    Paul Glover - Executive Coach and Author of "Work Quake"
  • Chip Conley - Author of
    "There are few people I know who are more knowledgeable and conversant about how to leverage new business/leadership content in a transformative fashion. Peter's combination of candor and can-do attitude are refreshing and value-added."
    Chip Conley - Author of "Peak"
  • Carol Roth - Business Strategist and Author of
    “I like Peter’s proactive approach and energy.  Peter wasn’t afraid to kick my butt (in a good way) and keep the focus on ROI.  A lot of consultants and strategists talk theory, but we took a deep dive into short-, medium- and long-term monetization.  Since I am a business expert...read more
    Carol Roth - Business Strategist and Author of "The Entrepreneur Equation"
  • Marc Ostrofsky - Author of  “Get Rich Click”
    “Peter came in, understood the issues and quickly had four options on how to solve the issues.  One smart guy!”
    Marc Ostrofsky - Author of “Get Rich Click”
  • Stephen Shapiro - Author of “Personality Poker”
    “Peter is one of the most well connected people on the planet.  More importantly, he is a strategic thinker and a tireless worker.  His dedication to the success of his clients is second to none.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to grow their business.”  
    Stephen Shapiro - Author of “Personality Poker”
  • DonnaLyn Giegerich, MBA, CIC, RYT - Speaker, Insurance Pro and Global Sarcoma Advocate
    “Vast no-nonsense skillset with likable combo of humor & client commitment. Responsive, focused and real…a pleasure to brand build with.”
    DonnaLyn Giegerich, MBA, CIC, RYT - Speaker, Insurance Pro and Global Sarcoma Advocate