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At Thought Leadership Leverage (TLL), our thought-leadership clients typically fit into one of four profiles: successful business authors and professional speakers, well-respected academics, seasoned senior executives, or boutique and mid-tier consultancies. Thought Leadership Leverage helps thought leaders build their ideas into businesses and create revenue streams from their content. Peter Winick, Founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage, brought that all together, so you could focus on mastering your craft.

Make an impact. See your content grow and vitalize. At TLL, we build more effective platforms for your ideas.

From the first meeting with Peter it was evident that we were embarking on a journey towards success with someone who had what we needed…Passion! As further engagement took place the entire TLL team exhibited that same passion for what I believe they do best and that’s taking an idea and giving it a voice. We live in a world where it’s easier to say what you want the world to know, it’s just harder to be heard. Peter and the TLL team will cut through the noise and amplify the one voice that matters most…Yours! As we are now launching our business and book it has become clear that they have set us up to achieve greatness through intentional strategy, defined objectives, and proven methods of delivery. Get them on your team and win.

Ryan McCarty, Co-Founder of Culture of Good, Inc., Co-Author of Build a Culture of Good

Embark on Success
When you’re looking for new brand opportunities, game-changing strategy, and proven results, TLL can help you outgrow your expectations.

As experienced marketers, we naturally assumed that we had effectively positioned our business, our services, and our IP. But after our first conversation with Peter and the TLL team, we realized we had some important work to do. Their in-depth analysis of our business revealed opportunities (and challenges) we had simply never considered. They quickly zeroed in on our existing strengths, identified areas of greatest potential, and developed a strategic plan for taking SmartStorming to the next level – and then to the next one after that. These folks are smart, “get it” very quickly, and worked as hard and as passionately on our business as we do. We’re delighted with our decision to work with Thought Leadership Leverage and are looking forward many shared successes in the future.

Mitchell Rigie and Keith Harmeyer, Partners, SmartStorming

Thought Leadership Leverage focuses on building value for your content by enhancing its impact and increasing its range.

Clarity, Insight & Opportunity – that’s what I was looking for when I approached Thought Leadership Leverage, and Peter Winick did not disappoint! It’s one thing to be an expert in one’s own field, but Peter revealed my value BEYOND my own field! I am truly grateful – and incredibly excited for the opportunities ahead.

Matt Lehrman, Principal – Audience Avenue, LLC

Get Clarity
Peter Winick has been helping thought leaders build their ideas into businesses for years. Now he’s sharing his ideas with you, through a series of videos and blogs.

Working with Peter completely re-oriented my thinking about my intellectual property and how to use it to develop my consulting business. I really benefitted from his perspective and experience. It’s like spending time with a really smart, experienced friend who cares about your success. I’m still working down the punchlist of ideas I got from our conversations – and will be for the next few years.

Cassie Solomon, The New Group