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A Framework for Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership consists of four components that must work together.
What are your core insights?
  • Draw upon your experience and expertise
  • Produce aha-moments for others
  • Offer a way to significant positive change
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Are your ideas documented and well-organized?
  • Presents a clear framework or point of view
  • Supports ideas with details, examples, and data
  • Offers clear first steps for beginners
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How would someone summarize your ideas in 2-3 words?
  • Defines an area of focus: “You’re known for _____”
  • Establishes your credibility
  • Generates attention in the marketplace
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How do you create impact and value?
  • Deliver value based on substance (not personality)
  • Spark both engagement and action
  • Create tangible and measurable results
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Which Type of Thought Leader Are You?

“I want to grow my
core business
thought leadership.”

“I learned a lot of
lessons running my
business. Now, I want
to share them.”

“How can my ideas spread even when I’m not present in the room?”

“My company wants me to create thought leadership.
Where do I start?”

  “I’ve changed the business lexicon, but I want to see better financial returns.”

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