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If you clicked on “How Do I Get Started” you’re obviously ready to go, so let’s keep this simple.  The steps are:

Schedule a Thought Leadership Strategy Session
Send us your materials
Meet for the Thought Leadership Strategy Session
Have Post-session Debrief

If you’d like a bit more detail, please read on.

At our core, we all do this for a combination of three reasons:



Obviously we all need a certain amount of money to live and fulfill our needs, but how concerned are you with effectively monetizing your content?



Do you enjoy speaking to large audiences? Being acknowledged as an expert in your field? Being recognized for your ideas and thoughts? That’s ego.



You’re not Billy Graham, but you might share the soapbox. How important is it to you that your message gets out there, that people respond? If, deep in your gut, you feel you exist to spread your message, you might be an evangelist.

There’s no wrong or right combination here, but most haven’t taken the time to think about how these factors impact, or should impact, the decisions they make. By understanding what drives you, we gain a stronger understanding of your goals, and can adjust your strategy and tactics accordingly.

The Thought Leadership Leverage Strategy Session

A Thought Leadership Strategy Session serves as an in-depth introduction between our organizations. During this time we will work together to review your current goals and resources, then define your new platform and start developing a business model to support your vision.

These sessions work in three pieces:

Pre-Meeting Prep

This is where we take inventory. During this phase we’ll need a variety of information from you. We’re looking for a solid representation of your current IP and content:

client work
articles you’ve written
speeches you’ve given
potential manuscripts
models you’ve created

We also look to understand your current client work and future pipeline, as well as some basic financial information.

With that out of the way, we can discuss the fun stuff. What do you like doing, what do you wish you did more? What things do you refuse to sacrifice in pursuit of your goals? Our endeavor is to understand exactly what you want to achieve, and more importantly what non-negotiables might exist along the way. If you want more keynote speaking gigs without sacrificing Sundays at home, we’ll find you more speaking opportunities on Tuesday and Wednesday. With this information, we are able to really dive into your IP with a realistic view of your business and the context of your vision.

On-Site Strategy and Whiteboarding Session

Somewhere between you and us, there’s a mutually convenient location where we can meet in person, grab a cup of coffee, and lay the foundation for your future. Together, we will review your goals and sift through your inventory of resources (IP, Clients, your Network, etc.). With that established, the goal of this meeting is to start developing the platform you want to build. We’ll plug your platform into alternative business models until we find the best model for your vision. This is where we’ll find any questions we may not be able to answer in real time, but we’ll find the best means to get those answers.

Post-Session Debrief

After our meeting we will provide you with a summary of our session, complete with decisions that were made, decisions that need to be made, and what needs to be done to provide you with the clarity to effectively prioritize your needs. We may provide a few introductions, bring in experts for specific issues, or get legal advice depending on your needs and circumstances. The outcome here is to establish an agreed list of priorities and enlist the tools to execute them properly.

Schedule a Thought Leadership Strategy Session

Contact us to get started

Let’s start a conversation about the strategy for your thought leadership business. Together, we’ll build a plan that aligns with your vision and goals.

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