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We grew one of our client's profiles into a LinkedIn Top Contributor

In the Spring of 2023 one of our clients (a global business leader, former F500 CEO, and board member of several publicly traded companies) was awarded LinkedIn’s Top Contributor status, something given to only 250 accounts each year. Their followership increased to 25,000 soon after that, an exciting milestone for our client.

Thought Leadership Leverage understands and excels at “business” social media. This client had difficulty maintaining a steady stream of LinkedIn posts. Actually, many of our clients battle with this issue but this one, in particular, had us do something about it.

After creating an editorial plan, based upon the sales narrative and target avatar development we had done with them, they asked us to manage their LinkedIn social media efforts. We’ve been posting steadily for them and creating intuitive hashtags that attracted the traffic and attention desired.

In our own social media, our monthly newsletter far outpaces the industry average:

TLL (12 Month Average)

47% Open Rate

3% Click Rate

Consulting Services Average

26.49% Open Rate

1.24% Click Rate

TLL Improvement over Industry

43% Open Rate

59% Click Rate

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