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“When you work with Peter you have to be prepared to shed your closely held notions about what you’ve created and what you’re going to sell. I had just finished writing my book when I was introduced to Peter. I was convinced I knew what my book was about, the market it would serve and how I was going to reach my customers. However, that conviction began to weaken and fade as I the started the strategic planning process with Peter. He thoroughly read and understood everything I had written and  challenged my assumptions about who would benefit most from my work.  Peter quickly  zeroed in on the true value in what I had written. This led to a completely different vision of the markets I serve and the strategies I will use to build my brand and create customers for my content. Another great thing about working with Peter is that his mind is always working and he is always full of new ideas regarding your work. I learn something new or gain something of value virtually every time I talk with him. If you’re a new author, as I am, and you’re serious about creating a business around your work, I strongly recommend you call Peter.”

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