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Productize to Monetize
Productize Your Content

All content is an asset. Just because it’s not currently in use doesn’t mean an idea can’t be repurposed through a different lens. Every idea has an audience and a situation where, with the proper presentation, it can succeed.


We use assessments to identify training opportunities for individuals, teams, and organizations. At Thought Leadership Leverage, we utilize four types of assessments:

Basic Assessments

Unscientific research used to fuel a marketing vehicle.

 Non-Scientific but Marketable Assessments

Based on academic research, but not tested for statistical rigor.

 Commercial “Applied Research” Assessments

Based on academic research and tested for statistical rigor, fills a business need, but fails to cover new ground.

 Academic “Pure Research” Assessments

Scientific and predictive, generates ground breaking research, but is costly and time consuming.

Each assessment type serves a specific purpose depending on your need and the scope of your project.


Phase one of any enterprise-level engagement. During the Diagnostic stage we measure the current state of an organization’s existing situation, population, and competencies, and translate these elements into quantitative data. That data is then used to develop a customized content strategy that meets your specific needs.


Backed by rigorous instructional design, instructor-led, highly interactive Workshops aim to align your content with the client’s needs and to build shared mindsets around your vision. Workshops use that consensus to develop skills and tools within the organization to further reinforce those mindsets.

Mastery Groups

Thought Leadership Leverage Mastery Groups operate like a leadership boot camp. These intensive group meetings provide specialized learning opportunities for executives and other organizational leaders. Mastery Groups set up an opportunity for group discussions and one-on-one coaching to further cement your vision within the organization.

Video Training

Empower frontline employees and their managers with necessary skills and competencies in an enterprise change initiative, all from the comfort of your own home. A Video Training series is an easy way to monetize your vision and take your brand from a practice to a business.

Thought Leadership Leverage will help you develop scripts, produce a marketable pilot of your training series, collect marketing, sales, and business development data for the pilot program, and develop a 30 video series once an organization approves the program.


Coaching presents thought leaders with the unique opportunity to work intimately with clients and influence their daily actions, but context is everything. Do you want to go 1:1 or 1:many? Talk in-person, on the phone, online? What themes do you touch on, what sort of schedule do you create? Thought Leadership Leverage can help you answer those questions and develop a plan that allows you to embed coaching into your Fortune 1000 portfolio.

App Development

Put your platform in the App Store with the Thought Leadership Leverage App Development program that reaches your market and increases your sales opportunities. We’ll research the marketplace and make sure it’s worth your while, then develop the user experience and work directly with the software developer; sending you directly to the tablet and smart phone of your target audience.

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