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“I loved working with Peter and Bill. They invested their time to dig into not only my thought leadership, but also my personal goals and aspirations. They pushed my thinking and were able to hone in on areas of greatest opportunity and potential. They were responsive and available with their time and creative and thought provoking with their questions and insights. In a short time, it was clear that they really “got” me. TLL was able to help me craft a comprehensive strategy for launching and developing my thought leadership platform. Peter and Bill are the real deal!”

From LinkedIn:

“Standing up a platform is no easy feat! I owe huge thanks to those of you who partnered with me on this journey:  Peter Winick and Bill Sherman of Thought Leadership Leverage for helping me crystallize my platform strategy!”

“Bill, the intellectual sparring was so much fun! Joy to work with you too!”

“Peter Winick, I absolutely could not have gotten to this launch without you, Bill, and Thought Leadership Leverage. Anyone looking to build a thought leadership strategy needs to seek you out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Kelly Breslin Wright
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