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I was introduced to Bill Sherman when we engaged Thought Leadership Leverage to help us define our Content Strategy. Bill and his team were incredibly insightful and pragmatic in their approach to co-creating a foundation to both define and focus our Brand Purpose. Bill is infinitely patient, and spends the time to get it right! The “it” is a taxonomy that nails what we bring to our clients and market, the method that we continue to use to uncover Chocolate Conversations in an organization, and the narrative that distinguishes us from our competition. Additionally, Bill helped us align our products and offerings to our redefined Brand Purpose. Not necessarily in our original scope, Bill and his team helped us establish a business development and project management process and practice that now has everyone in our firm on track, on time and on budget.  Bill is smart, generous with his time and support, and effective.

Rose Fass
fassforward Consulting Group

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