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“As a small consulting firm with a highly-technical offering we struggled across the board in our efforts. Our lead generation was sporadic, what leads we gained we struggled to get to a decision point, and we didn’t feel like our messages were resonating with clients. This wasn’t a problem unique to us. Every consulting firm in our field also struggled with the same challenges and “cracking-the-code” was the talk among owners and practitioners at conferences.

All of us shared a similar concern and hesitance to engage traditional marketing firms. Our work is on the cutting edge of multiple scientific domains and problem spaces. We needed a marketing partner capable of operating at that level while also excelling at fundamental execution of traditional marketing functions.

But TLL specialized in this space and we were willing to sit down for a strategy session with Peter and Bill. This more than paid for itself within a few hours. TLL identified a business-model error in our approach and clearly articulated how that model-error cascaded into the marketing struggles we were experiencing. From that session we identified a strategic change to our model, offerings, and go-to-market strategy.

Next we worked with Peter and Bill’s team: Andy Scheurer, Jessica Duffield, Lonnie Harmon, Ree Sosbee, and Renee Hawthorne to flesh out the go-to-market strategy into sales narrative, collateral, and lead-generation. This was no easy task. Typically it takes at least a Master’s of Science and significant cross-industry experience to understand the work that we do. This would be no “color-by-number” effort. But TLL was up to the task.

The team reviewed scientific articles, industry case studies, even video lectures of professors to dig deep in understanding the technical nature of the method. They then translated this tactical knowledge to align with our go-to-market strategy identifying buyer avatars who experienced the kinds of problems we could help with, identify their pain points, and craft a sales narrative. This informed the development of collateral that was able to translate complex offerings and methods in a simple-to-understand approach which would resonate with those buyers.

I really think TLL “cracked the code”, not just for our firm, but for the field. Since using the new collateral and lead generation with TLL advisory support we are generating more leads, those leads are reaching higher level decision makers, where our narrative is resonating, and resulting in higher quality pipeline and deal closure.

I strongly recommend TLL to any consulting firm providing specialized services that go beyond the body-shop or commodity service offering. TLL will go to the effort to understand your method, and how that method translates into a successful business model and go-to-market strategy. Then follow through and translate the technical details into high power narrative and collateral, supporting you end-to-end across campaigns for lead generation, outbound and inbound, and deal closure.”

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