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Many thought leaders claim to offer “world class” solutions, but rarely understand current industry-standards of consulting, assessment design, training, or organizational development. This assessment demonstrates how you measure up to those standards.

Our team of seasoned instructional designers, organizational psychologists, graphic designers, researchers, writers, and sales professionals will review your marketing collateral and enterprise solutions through a buyer’s eyes and provide a candid assessment of:

  • Your website
  • Sales collateral
  • Training materials
  • Diagnostics and assessments

Our team has spent years selling enterprise-wide thought leadership solutions to Fortune 500 organizations. We know what enterprise buyers expect and how to identify whether you’re enterprise ready or not.

The Enterprise Readiness Assessment identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your materials:

What do enterprises see in your website and collateral?
How do your products and services fit the expectations of potential buyers?
Are you speaking the language of the enterprise buyer?
Are you and your solutions speaking with confidence?
How can you increase the odds that an enterprise buyer will say, “yes”?

Who Buys the Enterprise Readiness Assessment?

The Enterprise Readiness Assessment has been designed to provide an external audit of the client’s B2B content business. It assumes that the client currently operates an active B2B content business or wants to build a B2B content business.

In the Enterprise Readiness Assessment, TLL conducts a holistic review of the client’s B2B content business, and it can be performed at any stage of the B2B content business lifecycle:

Market Entry: Individuals and solo-practitioners who have a content practice who want to know “what will it take for my content to be positioned well for enterprise sales?”

Market Growth: seasoned businesses that already derive significant revenue by selling content to enterprise buyers. Typically, they either want an external evaluation of their current state or who want to develop a growth strategy.

Market Exit: Mature content businesses where the principal(s) may be wondering how to position individual assets (or the whole business) for a future exit event.

 Note: This offering is not suited for thought leaders who want to focus exclusively on the B2C marketplace.

The Process

Pre-Meeting Prep

First, our team takes a comprehensive look at your platform. We ask for copies of your marketing collateral and assets — diagnostics, workshops, videos, etc.— to learn your story and identify under-leveraged strengths and opportunities for improvement. This process takes approximately three weeks.

On-site Meeting and Presentation

Once our team has sifted through your assets, we’ll schedule a time to meet face-to-face to present our report and have an in-depth conversation about how your platform aligns with an enterprise buyer’s expectations. Whether it’s your office space or a coffee shop in Indianapolis, we’ll find a spot that works for both of us and leave you with realistic expectations for your next step.

Post-Session Debrief

Shortly after our meeting, you will be given an Enterprise Readiness action plan — a brief record our conversation that, alongside the previous report, will equip you with a concrete grasp of your current Enterprise Readiness. The action plan complete with suggestions, strategies, opportunities, and actions for you to consider as you strive to make those enterprise sales.

Schedule an Enterprise Readiness Assessment

Start achieving more.

If you want to bring your business into the big leagues, it all starts with an Enterprise Readiness Assessment. Let us help take your thought leadership solutions to market.

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