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People are talking about your ideas, just not in the way you think. Academic experts have analyzed and dissected the key building blocks of your brand, and that research is out there, just waiting to validate your content.

Don’t be misled by all of the cheap, worthless research you can find on the web.  As one of our clients said, “given a set of questions, Peter, any smart person can do research, you and your team know the right questions to ask.”

Here’s how Thought Leadership Research provides you with smarter content:

  1. Our team of Ph. Ds., MBAs, and Master level researchers will look at the core of your vision to find the questions that truly need answered.
  2. We then scour the annals of organizational psychology, organizational development and management, to find the experts’ answers.
  3. That information is then synthesized into an easy to digest summary that answers your questions and links back to the source material.

There are dozens of ways to say it, but any of the old adages still apply: you have to support your words with actions. Academic research provides the foundation to support your innovation. We don’t expect you to leverage yourself as an academic house, but by asking a series of intentional questions about your platform, we can equip you with the cold, hard facts to further establish your domain expertise.

Make your content smarter: validate what you're saying.

Go-to-Market Research

Business 101 tells you that in order to succeed, you have to offer something unique.  Our Business Intelligence Research is a focused initiative that discovers the current competition your content might face in the marketplace.  We look for direct competition and related products.

Thought Leadership Research does more than just assess the existing field, we look directly at your audience and gather data about the organizations and individuals most likely to benefit from your work. We answer the question, “is your content enterprise-ready?”

Think of it like Corporate Intel. It pays to know who else is working in your field, what services, products, or toolsets they’re offering, and what makes you different. Market Research answers those questions, and helps define the solution for what you can do differently.

By understanding your existing market climate through our independent research, we can then leverage your existing content to meet the needs of your audience.

We will find the differentiator for your content for your desired market.

Is your content enterprise-ready?

Find out.

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