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Accountability in Thought Leadership | Org TL Minute


What does accountability look like in thought leadership?

Recently, I’ve been having a conversation with my friend, John Baldoni. He’s an expert in leadership. And he pointed out how essential accountability is to the concept of leadership. Between the leader and the team. Between team members and an individual to the leader. Accountability helps the leader build the bench strength of the organization so that it’s ready to take on new challenges.

And that conversation got me to thinking about the concept of accountability within thought leadership. Thought leadership often addresses problems that have fallen through the cracks. They’re the ones that no one individual or organization can solve on their own. And since no one has taken ownership of them — whether that’s a big issue like financial security for aging adults, dementia care, or even diversity, equity, and inclusion — many of these issues go unresolved because there’s a “tragedy of the commons.”

They fall through the cracks because they’re bigger than any of us can solve on our own. And in most cases, individuals and organizations, they don’t have to show thought leadership on an issue. They choose to take accountability. They say, “this is too important to let this topic fall through the cracks.”

And that’s why I think thought leadership requires accountability. Who are the people that your thought leadership serves? What topics do you care about so much that you’re willing to take ownership and accountability — even though no one is telling you, “you have to do so”?

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