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Are you talking about problems or price?


Hey there! It’s Peter Winick. I’m the Founder and CEO at Thought Leadership Leverage. And here’s a thought for you to ponder today and that’s this. When you’re speaking to a potential client, or even an existing client about a future problem that they need to solve, or an engagement, how quickly or how much of the time are you spending really talking about the problem? What it’s going to take to solve the problem? What the benefit to them is going to be when that problem gets solved? Sort of those sort of issues versus price. Right.

And the reason I bring this up is clearly price is important, clearly we want to understand budgets. But if you’re working with a potential client and everything, or the majority of the conversation is budget. Hey, I have this much to spend what can we get done in this much time. They’re more price focused than problem solving focused.

And in my experience working with hundreds of authors, thought leaders, speakers, academics from around the world, the value that you can create and therefore the value that your clients are willing to pay you is really going to be more closely connected to how you can solve that problem, and how critical that problem is to them, and how painful that problem is to them, and what the other side of that’s going to look like.

So anyway, something to think about is sort of that ratio between how much of the conversations you’re spending talking about price and how much you’re spending really diving into the problem, how you can solve it, what the future is going to look like. Love to hear your thoughts.


Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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