How to Balance a Day Job with Your Passion for Thought Leadership. | Lance Mortlock

How to balance a Day Job with Your Passion for Thought Leadership. | Lance Mortlock

Thought leadership authorship and developing your personal brand.

An interview with Lance Mortlock about splitting time between your day job and your thought leadership passion.

How do you plan for something you can’t predict?

Today’s guest is Lance Mortlock, a Strategy Partner at EY (Ernst & Young) Canada, where he manages a team tasked to drive growth for clients in the oil, power, and mining industries. Earlier this year, Lance authored his first book, Disaster Proof: Scenario Planning for a Post-Pandemic Future. Disaster Proof is a practical and accessible guide for identifying risks, facing unpredictable challenges, and planning for the future.

Lance discusses the process of writing an in-depth thought leadership book while also working a demanding day job. Getting the book across the finish line required long hours, the support of his family, and surprisingly, the support of his employers at EY. Employers might be quick to think that writing a book would take away from an employee’s daily focus. Not always true! Lance explains why elevating his personal brand elevated his employer, as well.

Also, Lance had many years of articles, papers, and industry experience that give business leaders the tools they need to understand a volatile, rapidly changing world. Organizations with long-term thinking will excel in competition, and their leaders will be prepared to handle unexpected challenges. He discusses why business leaders need a wide view, to predict and understand long-term forces that will affect their organization.

We wrap up by discussing the difficult and often uncomfortable task of marketing a thought leadership book. Many writers and thought leaders are not used to having to push sales, but it’s important to get your text in the right hands. This means shepherding a consistent present on social media, and understanding that increasing book sales requires a slow but continual effort.

If you are currently working on your first book, and trying to navigate balancing your day job and marketing your finished text, this episode has a wealth of helpful information. Think long-term – and be consistent!

Three Key Takeaways:
  • Thought Leaders don’t have to leave their current organization to develop their own brand. Enriching your personal brand can be beneficial to both parties.
  • A book based on your Thought Leadership can stem from the articles and materials you’ve published in the past, combined with an expanded viewpoint for the future.
  • If you want your Thought Leadership book to be a success, you’ll need to create a flourishing social media platform to announce, elevate, and enhance publication.

If you need a strategy to bring your thought leadership to market, Thought Leadership Leverage can assist you! Contact us for more information. In addition, we can help you implement marketing, research, and sales. Let us help you so you can devote yourself to what you do best.

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