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Becoming Resilient Through Thought Leadership | James Harold Webb

Becoming Resilient Through Thought Leadership | James Harold Webb | 353

Using thought leadership to create a resilient path forward.

An interview with James Harold Webb about resiliency in the face of hardship in both work and personal life.

A lot of us deal with uncomfortable words; descriptives that are out-dated or cruel, and slurs whose initial meaning has been forgotten or was never known by the common mind. What if we could reclaim those words, change their attributions, and move past harmful stereotypes? What if our stories could inspire others and change the world?

The word “redneck” tends to conjure up a certain image. Our guest on today’s podcast is James Harold Webb, Director of Radiology at a prominent Dallas hospital, renowned author, and a self-proclaimed redneck who elevated himself beyond the stereotype. He’s an up-and-coming thought leader, and the author of Redneck Resilience: A Country Boy’s Journey To Prosperity.

James shares the way his simple upbringing in Mississippi became the bedrock of his work ethic and resiliency. Through watching his parents overcome challenges in their personal and professional lives, James learned that he could always find a way to rise up and be proud of himself, his history, and his personal inspirations.

In this episode, we discuss the origin of his book, and focus on the meaning of the word “resilience.” James talks about the challenges he’s faced throughout his life, from learning about a brain tumor to facing cancer diagnoses for both him and his wife. These experiences deeply changed the way James views problems and stress.They shaped the way he thinks, and the way he works, helping him learn to leave business worries behind at the end of the day in order to fully focus on his family.

Further, we talk about his drive to be an author, from early days of jotting down notes and stories, to realizing that he wanted to pass on his knowledge, experience, and learned wisdom to his children and the next generation of thought leaders. James shares personal stories of resilience, and teaches us that actions are louder than words. Regardless of your origin, you too can get back up after being knocked down. With a little resilience, you can find a better path forward.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Writing a Thought Leadership book can be part of a strong business plan, and also define a legacy.
  • When starting your thought leadership journey, spend time writing down your thoughts and stories. Just 30-60 minutes a day can be the beginning of a book!
  • Resiliency, finding an alternative path when the road gets blocked, is critical to great thought leadership.

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