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Brand and Platform

Second piece is your brand and platform. And I don’t mean from a technology standpoint. But I mean the brand and platform of those that succeed well in this business are really good at differentiating who they are. And the problem or the curse of smart people trying to get a lot of content out in the world is there’s so many things they can talk about. The problem is we’re living in this noise and signal problem out there and it’s got to be tight and it’s got to be crisp. Patricia, I heard you talking earlier giving Brad some comments on communication of “don’t use there or don’t use things.” Right? So you were giving some coaching of here’s two things and you gave him specific examples of how to tighten up the language to be laser focused on a specific market. That’s the type of stuff we’re talking about. What is it that you do better than anybody else in a specific market, in a specific content context. And be brave enough to sort of say no to the stuff that sort of kind of tangential that isn’t core.

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