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Content Development Strategies

Many people – this is their content development strategy. I will build it and they will come. I know what people want so therefore I’ve been doing this a long time I speak to a hundred audiences a year. They want it. I’ll build it. They’ll come. Right. How’s that working out? Yeah. Worked out great for me in my younger days in the movie. Worked out great. So why is that? So first step is going backwards is let’s not build it before they come. One of the beautiful things about content is unlike product if I was you know in the whatever business this is Logitech that sells clickers, I can’t conceptually sell this. I have to get this on the shelves of Amazon in Staples and wherever else you buy these things. But with content you can pre-sell. You can ask questions. You can run hypotheses. So first thing is ‘what are you trying to teach?’ And a lot of the content that I see out there doesn’t really tell me what you’re trying to teach. It’s either way too much stuff – I’m gonna teach you the, you know, all the alphabet. I’m gonna give you an MBA in this. I’m gonna give you a PhD all in 22 minutes. Really? And this is a little bit counter-intuitive because we all want to serve our clients. We all want to give them value but the way to give them more  is to give them less. Get really focused define what you’re trying to teach.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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