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I’ve long believed that relationships go bad with misaligned expectations. I’ve known Peter Winick for several years, more recently I’ve met Bill, Jessica and other members of the team. And I think the best way I can describe my work with them is that Peter quickly gets to know you and understands what makes you tick, what your priorities are. Understands that in my case this idea, these concepts have been my baby for a number of years and it’s very hard to go from a sole practitioner and steward of birthing this idea and raising it and growing it and really working hard to build a brand and deliver value to customers to now letting go. But I think part of that professional maturity and growth opportunity is to surround yourself with people who elevate your game. Who raise the bar on what you do and how you do it.

At a recent prospective client meeting Peter, Bill and I were there. We did some briefing in advance. Their suggestion was you be the content expert, you be the founder. Let us put you on a pedestal and you play that role, let us take the enterprise opportunity and run with it. At first you have this enormous amount of trepidation about doing something like that, because you are used to going in and doing all the work yourself. I was cautiously optimistic, especially for that first meeting and it turned out great. So if referrals and recommendations are testimony to an experience with someone so far I can’t recommend Peter and Bill more so as Partners, real partners to take your ideas and take your perspective and help create that scale.

I learned several years ago I can’t be scalable. So if I want my ideas to be heard a partnership with Thought Leadership Leverage – Peter, Bill and Team is really a great opportunity to do just that.

David Nour
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