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Do You Practice Thought Leadership? | Org TL Minute


Thought leadership is a practice.

And by that, I mean it’s an ongoing journey rather than a destination. In a practice, it’s possible to learn the basics quickly but knowledge and skills aren’t enough. I call thought leadership a practice, because it requires both a mindset and an ongoing commitment to action.

On an individual level, there are a number of personal practices that work similarly.

Think of yoga, meditation, or exercise. You don’t just do them. You practice them because you want to get better. Same with thought leadership.

On an organizational level, thought leadership is a practice—just like quality, brand, or strategy.

That means we can’t just do a thought leadership activity once and pat ourselves on the back. One white paper, video, or a webinar simply isn’t enough. Results accrue through repetition. So, we have to follow through, even on the hard days. Ten. Twenty. A hundred times. That’s how we, as individuals, form habits. And together in organizations, we build competencies around thought leadership. The magic happens when you make thought leadership a practice rather than an event.

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