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Every Business Needs Thought Leadership – Helping Thought Leaders-Dropping Bombs Ep 217-Peter Winick

So if I’m a business owner listening to this, and I’m thinking yeah, I like what I’m hearing. How do I create my knowledge into something that generates more leads, more traffic? How would you help people do that?

So if your a business owner or business leader today, and you’re not re-evaluating your marketing budget and putting 20, 30, 50% maybe even more into thought leadership, you’re going to lose. You might not lose today, but you’re going to lose market share, your rate of growth is going to go down, your…

Listen, we’re all be commoditized. Right. We are living in an age now for the first time in history where the advantages is to the buyer. Right. So if you were going to buy a new car tomorrow, Brad, you’re going to go online and you’re going to become an expert in whatever that car is. Right. Versus 10 years ago, you’d walk into the dealer and they’ve gotcha, man. They’ve gotcha. You’re going to go in there now and know the inventory, know the cost, know the resale value. And say, “Dude, I’m gonna pay ya X dollars for that blue BMW over there. Would you like it?” And you probably don’t even need to go into the show room. You go online and put out that request.

Yeah their doing it now.

Right. That’s all they’re doing. So I think every business is being commoditized. And the cheapest, the most effective, the most efficient way to de-commoditize or slow down the rate of commoditization is the integration of thought leadership into whatever you’ve got. Whether you’re a dentist, whether your an adviser, consultant, accountant, a lawyer, whatever it is. How do you start reallocating your marketing dollars away from things that don’t work, or used to work, or aren’t working as well into thought leadership? And into creating really good thought leadership that builds your brand, differentiates you, attracts net new clients into the system. And we were talking about earlier, everybody’s so focused on attracting net new clients and it’s harder, and harder, and harder to do that. Because we’re all competing through the same noise, the same. You can go to Google. I can go to Google. Right? Okay. Great. So I can out bid you on an ad. You can out bid me on an ad. Eventually, it is not profitable to be in that space. Profitable for Google because their taking both of our money. But only one of us can win.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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