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Finding Distribution Partnerships

So most of us spend a lot of our time communicating, writing, serving our followers. The problem with that is that is not high growth based on a marketing strategy that drives the growth. You’re talking to the same people over and over and over again. So most of you don’t have the distribution to take you from where are now to where you want to go by just selling into your existing database, fan base, follower base. Right? Does that make sense?

How do you expand it?

So the distribution side is instead of continuing to just sell more stuff or only communicate or talk to your own people. Figure out how to make that broader. Figure out who would be a great distribution partner for you. Who would be a great strategic partner?  Whose got clients that are like minded to you. Or think like you do. Or have the same problems that your solving. They are not a direct competitor but they are someone that would make sense. Sort of like on Amazon. People have bought this book have also bought this book. Do that exercise for yourself and reach out to those folks. Some of that can be done on a small scale. You partner with each other in the room. Some of it is big scale. Looking for distribution partners at the national level, at the global level, etc. There’s lots of people in the content distribution business.

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