Global Thought Leadership for Aging and Longevity | Jean Accius

Global Thought Leader for Aging | Jean Accius

Thought Leadership for Global Change

An interview with Jean Accius about using thought leadership to inform, influence, and have an impact on the global conversation of aging, longevity, and long term health care.

Today’s guest is Jean Accius, a nationally recognized thought leader on aging, longevity, and long term health care policy as well as the Senior Vice President of Global Thought Leadership at AARP.

Jean shares with us what organizational thought leadership is at AARP, who their target audience is, and what successful thought leadership looks like for them.  Bill and Jean have deep conversations about the multi-generational workforce that exists today, how nontraditional partners can be the key to spreading the conversation, and how Jean is leading a team to influence the influencers for positive change around the world.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • How to take thought leadership from idea to impact.
  • What AARP is doing to share their thought leadership in the age of COVID-19.
  • Why Jean encourages his team of thought leaders to go out in the community and come back with new ideas.

Do you create, curate or deploy thought leadership for your organization? Join Bill and many others at the Organizational Thought Leadership group on Linkedin!

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