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How will Your Organization Invest in Thought Leadership | Org TL


How will your organization invest in thought leadership in 2022?

Many organizations right now are in the thick of budget season. So, here are a few guidelines to help you work through that process.

First, thought leadership has established itself as a business function. If your organization is not making investments in thought leadership, it’s probably falling behind its peers in terms of brand building, demand generation, and influencing how people think and how they act.

So, how do you create a budget for thought leadership? Most people, when they start to tackle this problem, start by making a list of activities. They think about the conferences, events, podcasts, white papers, journals, articles, and blogs. They make this comprehensive list and then they ask themselves, “What will it take in terms of time and resources to get this work done?”

Well, in my opinion, that’s almost entirely backwards. All of the items that I listed above were really activities and tactics. So instead, kick it up a notch. Think strategically first. Allocate scarce time and resources against a target avatar.

Who are the groups of people that you need to reach with your thought leadership? Where do they already get their information? And what do you need them to hear? Then, and only then, can you allocate time and resources against specific thought leadership delivery modalities.

In my October newsletter, I dig deeper into the concept of thought leadership budgeting – and I explore the concepts of broadcasting, narrowcasting, and pointcasting. And how you can weight your budget against them? I’ll put a sign up link to the newsletter at the end of this video.

Good luck in budget season.

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