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Journalistic Thought Leadership | Luke Collins

Journalistic Thought Leadership | Luke Collins

Using a journalistic approach to creating thought leadership.

An interview with Luke Collins about his work at EY using his background in journalism to create thought leadership that informs leaders about not only what they want to know but what they need to know.

Today’s guest is Luke Collins, the Managing Director, and Global Editor-in-Chief at EY.  Luke has had a number of thought leadership roles at high profile companies with a background in journalism before that.

Luke talks with us about thought leadership being at an inflection point where there is tension between the need to push users towards the products you are offering and the need to retain a sense of objectivity that engenders trust.

We discuss how EY managed to reframe their thought leadership early in the year with the outbreak of COVID-19.  Also, he explains how they are using a Now, Next, Beyond framework to manage what type of content they publish as the world changes.

Next, Luke shares how he is using his journalistic sensibilities to help build content that is able to grab reader attention in the first 20 seconds and present short-form articles that deliver powerful and useful information.  Plus, we discuss how you can use the same content in different formats to reach the end-user where they are and not where you want them to be.

If you want to make content that tells the user what they need to know in a manner they will actually consume it, this is an episode filled with advice for you.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Thought leaders need to deliver the information leaders want to know and the information they need to know.
  • The format of your thought leadership is critical. Breaking it down into bite-sized chunks is more effective than a 3000-word essay.
  • Creating thought leadership like a journalist would deliver a story can capture an audience and connect with them in an impactful way.

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