Your brand is your promise to the customer.

It’s the expectations behind your name, the elements at your core, the levers operating your machine. We can help you set those levers for maximum efficiency by deploying a consistent brand image that furthers your strategic goals.


We know how to get there.

Branding strategy and competitiveness create high-performance goals. Market forces drive new growth, and ensure the longevity of evergreen properties. By finding your target audience and presenting them with your content in a long-term, highly precise campaign that will increase the public awareness of your brand, our Marketing Program guides you in establishing relationships within your target community, and generating leads for future sales.

Website Wireframes

First impressions are important.

Does your old website detract from your new vision? Is it a “practice” website all about you, or is it a “business” website showing the critical elements of your content?

Website Wireframes attract buyers by merging your existing online presence with your vision for the future. Website Wireframes tell your story, maximize your enterprise readiness, and transform your ideas into marketable business content. We’ll work alongside your platform to create a proactive web strategy, including site organization, topic and subtopic structure, an evaluation of main points that should be considered on each page, and more.

Content Manifestos

A thesis, a mission statement. At Thought Leadership Leverage, we call it a Content Manifesto. Manifestos articulate your core principles and provide your audience with a call to action that broadcasts your vision and encourages a response. These are bold statements, meant to persuade and spark discussion, designed to spread virally through massive information networks.

Manifestos are a way to communicate what you believe in and what you are trying to change, and engage like-minded people to participate in your movement. We can help you create a Content Manifesto by crafting a specific strategy, delivering that vision in a professionally designed PowerPoint presentation, and embedding it into your existing content.

Manifestos are:

Manifestos are:

Big Ideas: Reshaping how people perceive society, culture, processes, or behavioral norms.
Bold Ideas: Represents a substantive departure from the status quo.
Assertive Stances: Makes a clear, defensible case, using logical, emotional, and ethical appeal.
Focused Agendas: Tackles one clearly defined issue, and always stays “on topic.”
Creates Debate: Elicits passionate discussion and support, brings in voices from both sides of an issue.

A published manifesto is great PR and provides an ongoing marketing vehicle.


Your brand is unique.

We pay special attention to your content’s individual characteristics, bringing them forward into a singularly engaging, authentic, and compelling narrative. We can help you standardize your IP voice, create a personalized feel and design, and align every content piece with brand values.