Clarity equals success! Is your IP a sleek guidebook or a labyrinthine textbook?

Cognitive, executive-level, carefully thought-out and seamless transformation processes interact with versatile technology to further your business goals.


You’ve created meaningful thought leadership content, and now you need an audience.

You have ideas, but they need to be deeply structured and tangibly represented. Our Model Development process takes your IP and, led by an organizational psychologist who specializes in validation and psychometrics, we generate statements that align with the core of your vision. We then organize those statements into an easily-navigable model with observable behaviors.

We statistically validate the model so we know it’s solid, you can stand your reputation on it and so that it will meet the most exacting standards of an enterprise buyer. On occasion, models are rigorous enough to submit to academic journals or professional conferences such as the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP). A proposal like this is an excellent form of marketing collateral.

We study your material and help you give it a framework; specific presentation, form, and language that can be used in marketing, sales, and operations activities such as capabilities decks, website wireframes, product library classification, sales conversations, curricula mapping, solution building for clients, and more. We offer a structure for your content to grow, and build a framework for clarity that can be turned into solutions down the road.


A lot of companies talk about “structure.”

At TLL, we deliver. We create innovative, meaningful organizational models that align with the core of your vision and build a foundation for growing your content. Together, we can elevate leadership to the next level.