Learn what you don’t know to inform what you do know.

Our challenge is not just to productize our solution-oriented quality thinking. Our challenge is to think differently, strategize more thoroughly, and show you how to lead more effectively.


...just not in the way you think.

Academic experts have analyzed and dissected the key building blocks of your brand. That research is out there, just waiting to validate your content.

Don’t be misled by all the cheap, worthless research available on the web.  As one of our clients said, “Any smart person can do research. You and your team know the right questions to ask.”

Here’s how Thought Leadership Leverage provides you with smarter content:
  1. Our team of Ph.Ds., MBAs, and Master’s level researchers look at the core of your vision to find the questions about your IP that truly need to be answered.
  2. We scour the annals of organizational psychology, organizational development, and management practice, to find the experts’ answers to those core questions.
  3. We do Go-to-Market research, focusing on the state of the marketplace and any current competition.
  4. We analyze the metrics, providing data you can use to support your ideas and strengthen your conclusions.
  5. We study your IP, and discover new ways your content and ideas can be leveraged to a wider world.
  6. That information is then synthesized into an easy-to-digest summary that documents, studies, and answers your core IP questions, and links back to original source material, so that you can fully understand our work — and expand your content.

There are dozens of ways to say it, but the old adage still applies: you must support your words with actions. Research provides us with the foundation to support your innovation. By asking a series of intentional questions about your platform, we can equip you with the cold, hard facts you need to further establish domain expertise. Then, we pair our research with competitive market analysis, and turn that content into an insightful, articulate, and easy-to-understand report.

Go-to-Market Research

Business 101 tells you that in order to succeed, you have to offer something unique.

Our Business Intelligence Research is a focused initiative that identifies the competition your content will face in the current marketplace from both direct competition and related products.

It pays to know who else is working in your field, what services, products, or toolsets they’re offering, and what makes you different. Market research helps you define yourself as unique, outstanding, and valued. By understanding the existing market climate through our independent research, we can leverage your existing content to meet the needs of a wider, more targeted audience.

Thought Leadership Leverage does more than just assess the broader field. We will help you find the differentiator in your content, and develop your desired market. We look directly at your audience, and gather data about the organizations and individuals most likely to benefit from your work. We answer the question, “Is your content enterprise-ready?”


There are three basic types of metrics:

  • Known Metrics
  • Self-Report Metrics
  • Sifted Metrics

At Thought Leadership Leverage, we compile and analyze metrics so that you can use that data to articulate and support your ideas, perspectives, and successes to potential buyers, investors, and business leaders.

We help you become enterprise-ready by giving your content the clarity of hard data and solid market research, so that you can reach a broader, more diverse audience. Our metrics provide concrete evidence that show how your ideas help companies and individuals improve.

IP Review

If you’re like most thought leaders, you’re probably a forward-thinking, creative type. You’re frequently thinking about improving tomorrow, and you’ve got a focus on how to get there. That’s great! Did you know that the steps you’ve taken to get there could be another way to improve your content?

We frequently discover things buried in yesterday’s content library that can be repurposed for tomorrow’s execution. The ideas you’ve kept tucked away, when looked at through today’s lens, just might be the next big thing.

At Thought Leadership Leverage, we help you process the intellectual property languishing in your filing cabinets, hard drives, and desk drawers, and find hidden jewels waiting to be produced and monetized.


You’re dealing with a broad range of consumers.

What’s your focus? How will you collect and analyze the data you need to reach your audience? Thought Leadership Leverage provides you with smarter, organizationally validated content, allowing you to focus on the state of the marketplace, answer core IP questions, and discover new ways to leverage your ideas.