How can we get buyers engaged?

What can we say or do to make them pick us? What can we do to speed up their decision-making? We help you take the lead, and bring your ideas to a broad spectrum of audiences.


Raise awareness. Accelerate your sales.

BizDev Outreach

You want to increase your thought leadership sales opportunities, grow your exposure to target groups and markets, and take the step from operating a practice to running a business. We get it. You need to develop an outreach plan.

Our BizDev Outreach method devises a plan to reach your target audience through Thought Leadership Leverage’s Managed Marketing, a leveraged Capabilities Deck, or a Strategy Session revolving around your new product or service.

Strategic Account Planning

We calibrate cost-effective and mind-blowing tactics. We solutionize your content across industry sectors. We know where to focus your efforts in order to get the best sales results. Our strategic planning process makes a list of:

current clients
former clients
strong leads that didn’t close
well-positioned brand evangelists
high-potential groups

Then, we rank them according to potential for future profitability. Whether you’re looking for targets for monetization, greatest impact of your idea, or possibility for productization, knowing the audience most likely to meet your goals gives you an opportunity to leverage your content with greater focus.

Strategic Partner Outreach

Increase your platform’s leverage through relationships with individuals and organizations aligned with your vision. Our Managed Marketing campaigns identify, research, and reach out to potential strategic partners that would benefit from your ideas.

Strategic partnerships are more than “one and done” sales pitches. Such relationships are broad and reliable, creating opportunities for greater revenue and establishing long term, scalable solutions.

Prospect Identification

Who would benefit the most from your vision? Our Prospect Identification system is a three-part process that seeks out the individuals and organizations that present the greatest opportunity for your platform to grow. A Reintroductory Tour showcases your new capabilities to current and former clients and transforms warm leads into new opportunities; Go-to-Market Research pins down policymakers in your target audience that would benefit from your content, and Follower Base Engagement rallies your community to build leads in your followers’ organizations. There’s an audience just waiting for you; let’s go find them.

Content Licensing

You have something worth sharing!  As enjoyable as it is to spread your message through keynotes, books, training and consulting, it can be a hassle to negotiate with the Corporate Procurement department. We do it all the time, so we’re used to it!  We’re here to help you when it comes to negotiating the use of your intellectual property by others.


Two things are critical to your success as a thought leader.

You must increase your opportunities and make a name for your brand. TLL understands the marketplace and can help you focus product offerings, pricing, and communication, so that your content is positioned and ready to meet the needs of a global audience.