You have experience and expertise that could benefit others.

The world is changing rapidly, and you can take advantage of opportunities to increase your visibility. Gain a platform for your ideas, increase your credibility as a thought leader, and convey your goals and vision.


Share your message with others.

When we work with thought leaders, we find that many of them have strategic gaps as well as process gaps in their speaking business. They’re overbooked, under represented, and struggling to keep up. Essentially, they’re leaving money and opportunities on the table.

When a strategic speaking process works effectively, it generates many leads and pre-sells products and services. Done right, it gains you clients even as it shares your message with the world.

At Thought Leadership Leverage, we have the connections with speaker’s bureaus and within multiple industries to get you more speaking engagements! We can develop a strategic process for current (and future) speaking bookings, coach and help you prepare topics, capabilities decks, workshops, and other presentations to enhance your content and shine a spotlight on you as a speaker.


Everyone wants the opportunity to learn from the best.

You have the ability to connect change management with positive business success – you just need to find people who are ready to hear your message and act on it. We can help your content reach a wider audience.