Let’s build your roadmap to success!

Developing a successful business strategy requires hard work, effort, and skill. We help you focus on your long-term goals, and we implement technology and structure that will achieve those objectives.


Step out of the trees to find your trail through the forest.

Our strategic planning services take an in-depth analysis of the current state of your IP, and researches your target market, as well as, an inventory of current and potential customers. With this information, we work together to craft your value proposition for a clear and specific strategic direction, positioning you to fulfill even your highest goals.

Once your value proposition is prepared, we can develop an initial Product Roadmap that concisely lays out the modalities within your content, the costs of each solution, and your content’s overall market potential. We design this roadmap through one-one-one strategy sessions, so your roadmap is unique to your content and your goals.

Value Proposition Crafting

What are you promising your clients?

How can your thought leadership content change employee behaviors, actions, thoughts, or beliefs? If you don’t know, you should find out.

Thought Leadership Leverage can work with you to review your strategy, goals, and current IP holdings to develop a clear value proposition that clarifies your vision, opens new opportunities, and articulates your value to future clients.

Strategy Session

A Strategy Session serves as an in-depth introduction between our organizations. During this time, we will work together to review your current goals and resources, then we help you refine your active platforms and start developing a business model for an even brighter future.

We help you become enterprise-ready by giving your content the clarity of hard data and solid market research, so that you can reach a broader, more diverse audience. Our metrics provide concrete evidence that show how your ideas help companies and individuals improve.

Pre-Meeting Prep

Pre-Meeting Prep

This is where we take inventory. During this phase, we’ll need a variety of information from you. We’re looking for a solid representation of your current IP and content, including:

Client Work;
Articles you’ve written:
Speeches you’ve given;
Potential manuscripts;
Models you’ve created;
Future work pipeline; and
Basic financial information.

Once we have an understanding of where you are now, we can discuss the fun stuff. Your goals! What do you like doing? What do you want to do more often? What things do you refuse to sacrifice in pursuit of your goals?

We endeavor to understand exactly what you want to achieve, and more importantly, what non-negotiables exist along the way. If you want more keynote speaking gigs without sacrificing Sundays at home, we’ll find you more speaking opportunities on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Armed with this information, we can dive into your IP with a realistic view of both your current business and your future goals.

On-Site Session

On-Site Session

Somewhere between you and us, there’s a mutually convenient location where we can meet in person, grab a cup of coffee, and lay the foundation for your future. Together, we will review your goals and sift through your inventory of resources — your IP, client lists, network, availability, and more. We want to know what makes your content tick, and start building a plan to get you to your goals.

With that established, we’ll start developing ideas to support and advance your content. We’ll plug your platform into alternative business models until we find the best fit for your vision, and we’ll start looking at objectives and the means to get there.

Post-Session Debrief

Post-Session Debrief

After our face-to-face meeting, TLL will provide you with a summary of our session, complete with a list of decisions that were made, and decisions that need to be made. We’ll provide the clarity to effectively prioritize your needs and objectives, and how to leverage your content to its best extent. We may offer a few introductions, bring in experts for specific issues, or procure legal advice, depending on your needs and circumstances.

We’ll help you establish a list of priorities, and then we’ll enlist the tools to execute them properly.


Developing a marketing strategy is vital.

It isn’t just about sales; it’s also about strengths. A successful strategy makes the most of your strengths and draws attention to the high-quality service you can provide. There’s no substitute for knowledge, and TLL knows how to build a plan that will ensure customers take notice of your content.