No more bleeding edges or leading edges, just an edge…do you have it?

Establishing subject matter expertise is a competitive undertaking. Your thought leadership must be backed by up-to-date technology and cutting-edge accessibility that is sound enough to meet the needs, priorities and preferences of diverse modern customers.


We put you and your content ahead of the pack.

Technology is important. Those who master it can rise to the top of their field. Those who cannot integrate the most recent technologies will find themselves quickly falling behind.

Website Creation

TLL will review your existing website, recommend repurposing or a relaunch, and then create a functional, up-to-date site that best represents your content. We design and launch everything you need — including content writing, website development, selection and placement of images, and Q&A. We utilize images and languages from your content, create templates for home and interior pages, and align the website for maximum search engine optimization.

Train-the-Trainer Programs

You may be short on time, people, or resources. Despite this, you have to implement an organizational change initiative for a client that wants your services. Or, a client may prefer to use your content in an internal program. You don’t have to turn anyone away!

We understand training, and we know how to assist you in developing certification programs for trainers. With Training Certification, any number of trainers can be educated to roll out your message, increasing your leverage and expanding the impact of your message.


A lot of people hate writing. Fortunately at Thought Leadership Leverage, we have a collection of staff writers who actually enjoy plunking away at a keyboard. Whether it’s blogs, tweets, marketing and sales materials, manifestos, or value propositions, our writers will adapt their writing styles to match your specific voice.

Database Cleanup

Thought Leadership Leverage can consolidate multiple lists of contacts into a comprehensive strategic database. Using that as a basis, we conduct a comprehensive strategic review of professional relationships (contacts, colleagues, clients, etc.) who can either become clients, connect to clients, or potentially buy enterprise offerings.

With this, and an IP Review, we search for latent opportunities to benefit existing products such as workshops, workbooks, and certification, as well as opportunities for new products to be designed.

 Together, we review professional relationships, analyzing the strength of the relationships, level of contacts, and types of work performed.

We jointly create classification categories for your new database, and create a work plan to map existing information into a new master database.

 We jointly locate high-potential areas of untapped opportunity.

We look at existing relationships through the lens of asset-based thought leadership sales.


Use technology to become prominent as a Thought Leader.

Be at the forefront of your field, utilizing the latest upgrades in technology to help business leaders grow and evolve. You need useful, actionable content, carefully analyzed and distributed with modern, impactful technology. TLL can help.