Leveraging Thought Leadership With Peter Winick – Episode 107 – David Komlos

Leveraging Thought Leadership Episode 107 - Peter Winick and David Komolos

What’s the formula for “powering up” when faced with complexity? How can you differentiate between difficult and complex challenges?

Our guest in this episode is David Komlos, co-author of the upcoming book, “Cracking Complexity,” and CEO & Co-Founder of Syntegrity, an organization that guides Fortune 100 companies through difficult transformations and teaches them to solve truly complex problems.

David shares with us his unique process of writing, and how he worked through a 40% change in the book over a two-week period – and came out winning! Also, Peter and David discuss why content marketing is an indispensable way to amplify your impact, and why it helps to be really aggressive when going after your goals.

If you have a book coming out you’ll need a solid launch strategy. Let Thought Leadership Leverage make that complex process easier for you.

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