Leveraging Thought Leadership With Peter Winick – Episode 137 – Corey Blake

Nobody likes to fail. But failing is part of learning, and experience makes a great CEO. So how do you turn a negative into a positive, and how do you make failures part of your ultimate success?

Our guest in this episode is Corey Blake, the Founder and CEO of Round Table Companies, a partner of Conscious Capitalism Press.  As a former actor, Corey has learned the art of story-telling. Listen in as he shares his ideas about using storytelling as a powerful tool for branding, and how failures shape and strengthen us as leaders.

Corey encourages leaders (and upcoming leaders!) to focus on their greater purpose, and value every kind of learning experience – both positive and negative. He understands branding, and shows us a few ways corporations can stand up, get noticed, and amplify both creativity and innovation.

Corey has found motivation for his Thought Leadership through storytelling. What motivates your Thought Leadership?

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