Leveraging Thought Leadership With Peter Winick – Episode 81 – Allison Shapira

Taking your book to market involves a lot of tough decisions. How do you know you’ve covered them all?

Our guest this week is Allison Shapira, CEO of Global Public Speaking and author of “Speak with Impact.” Join us as Allison shares her insights on book publishing. Learn how to clearly define your audience, how to choose between a traditional publisher or self-publishing, and knowing the difference between book pricing and book value.

Alison also talks about how success comes from building relationships of trust, and how to get started on strengthening your social network.

You can get more great advice from Allison here, in her blog!

After you’ve asked yourself all the questions about getting your book published it will be time to turn that book into a money making machine. Peter has tips for making sure you present the right narrative to generate sales.

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