Leveraging Thought Leadership With Peter Winick – Episode 88 – Marcia Daszko

Peter Winick speaks with Marcia Daszko - Episode 88 Leveraging Thought Leadership

What do you do when the old methods of leadership no longer work? Are outdated practices so ingrained in your business that it’s become difficult to identify what needs to be done to fix them?

Marcia Daszko is a bright catalyst for strategic leadership, transformation, and innovation, and the author of “Pivot, Disrupt, Transform.”  Marcia shares her experiences bringing transformation to companies struggling to rise above their problems. She takes a frank look at reasons “the numbers” might not be the first thing you judge, and talks about how changes in leadership require innovation and courage to succeed – but succeed, they will.

Outdated systems and methods are just a few of the reasons big companies fail. Just as ways to lead have changed, so have our ways of learning. Listen in, and hear Marcia and Peter’s advice!

Just as ways to lead have changed so have ways to learn. Peter offers some advice on one of those changes.

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