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Life Long Learner – Helping Thought Leaders-Dropping Bombs Ep 217-Peter Winick

So why isn’t there a Preparatory Academy for you know success, like billionaire prep or something. Billionaire Prep Academy.

I think some of that ties to personalities. Right. So someone like you, someone like me, we’re lifelong learners. Right. Like I’m the biggest dork that’s reading two or three books. I can’t get enough of stuff. Why? I’m just fascinated with the world. I’m trying to take the pieces of it that I can apply to me, and I can apply to my business and do something with. There are other people that the day they graduated, whatever X, was high school, college, grad school, whatever, That was it. Right. They stopped learning and they know all they need to know. You know. In a recent study I read, is by the time an undergrad graduates today, 60% of what they’ve learned in the four years is no longer relevant. So if you don’t learn how to learn, you’re done. Like would you want to, you know, if you had a headache and somebody said, “Hey, Brad, god forbid, you’ve got a brain tumor. You gotta go to this doc. He’s a brain doc. He graduated 1978 hasn’t learned a damn thing since. How happy you’re gonna be about that?

Not very.

Yeah. But how do most people treat their careers, their professions, their life? I’m alright. I got it. It’s good.

Yeah. I think we’re kind of programmed to be like that.


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