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Other Things an Assessment Can Do

Yeah. And then, the other things an assessment does…Is there are people who fall in love with you from an emotional perspective, personal perspective, whatever. And then they’ve got to go sell that to the folks with the green shades. And if you’ve got data, which not everybody does. And if you have hard science, math, and research underneath it, It just makes your life a lot easier. Because no sale on the corporate side is done by… The days of taking somebody out to a golf course and that’s the decision maker… Harvard Business Review just released an article couple months ago. An enterprise sale, which is like like anything 250k and above there is now 6.2 buyers in the process. And not one of them can say yes. But each of them has veto power. That’s what you’re dealing with. So if you don’t have the research underneath, there’s lots of reasons to say no.

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