At Thought Leadership Leverage, we work together with you to:
  • Develop your ideas into products that meet an existing demand, represent your vision, and produce an impact.
  • Implement focused sales and marketing campaigns that can be tracked to reflect effectiveness.

If you’re reading this section you must be a thought leader, or an aspiring thought leader. Take this quiz to see if you can use our expertise.

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Step out of the trees to find your trail through the forest.

Our strategic planning services take an in-depth analysis of the current state of your IP, and researches your target market, as well as, an inventory of current and potential customers. With this information, we work together to craft your value proposition for a clear and specific strategic direction, positioning you to fulfill even your highest goals.

Once your value proposition is prepared, we can develop an initial Product Roadmap that concisely lays out the modalities within your content, the costs of each solution, and your content’s overall market potential. We design this roadmap through one-one-one strategy sessions, so your roadmap is unique to your content and your goals.


A Thought Leadership Strategy Session serves as an in-depth introduction between our organizations.

During this time we will work together to define or refine your platform, develop a business model to support your vision, and review your current goals and resources.

Perhaps you’d like an objective expert to review and improve your current strategy. Maybe you need to move beyond tactics to create a strategy. Either way, let’s keep this simple:

1. Schedule a Thought Leadership Strategy Session
2. Send us your materials

This is where we take inventory. We’ll need a variety of information from you that is a solid representation of your current IP and content, including:

Client workArticles you’ve writtenSpeeches you’ve given
Potential manuscriptsModels you’ve createdFuture work pipeline
Basic financial information

3. Meet for the Thought Leadership Strategy Session
4. Have Post-session Debrief


Are you ready to sell to an enterprise?

Many thought leaders claim to offer “world class” solutions, but rarely understand current industry-standards of consulting, assessment design, training, or organizational development. Our enterprise readiness assessment (ERA) evaluates how you measure up to those standards.

Our team of seasoned instructional designers, organizational psychologists, graphic designers, researchers, writers, and sales professionals will review your marketing collateral and enterprise solutions through a buyer’s eyes and provide a candid assessment of:

The output of our ERA is:

  • Our rating scale, provided a few days after our meeting, showing the many variables we consider and specifically what it takes to achieve a score of 1-5 stars.
  • Your report, provided 2-3 days prior to a report review call, showing how you scored against the scale and suggesting recommendations for improvement.
  • A report review call 1-2 weeks following our meeting, where we discuss the report scores and recommendations. We also have a collective discussion about possible next steps.

See what our clients have said about their assessment.

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Value Proposition Crafting

What are you promising your clients?

How can your thought leadership content change employee behaviors, actions, thoughts, or beliefs? If you don’t know, you should find out.

Thought Leadership Leverage can work with you to review your strategy, goals, and current IP holdings to develop a clear value proposition that clarifies your vision, opens new opportunities, and articulates your value to future clients.


No matter where you are in becoming a thought leader, you could probably use some help.

TLL can be the deep bench behind you. Whether you need a strategy, prep for enterprise sales, or just a bit of help with the myriad other tasks that consume your thoughtful time, we can provide you a playbook to reach the goal line.