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Taking Ideas to Scale Through Thought Leadership with Rhea Wessel and Bill Sherman

Source: Taking Ideas to Scale Through Thought Leadership with Rhea Wessel and Bill Sherman

Thought leadership isn’t about being famous, it’s about having a point of view and getting it out into the world in a way that motivates and inspire a new way of thinking, action, engagement.

Join us for this thought provoking session with Bill Sherman who will layout the way YOU can take your ideas to scale through thought leadership. Bill has over twenty years of experience crafting thought leadership strategy and creating impact through campaigns.

As the COO of Thought Leadership Leverage, Bill works with individuals and organizational clients alike. Like most thought leadership practitioners, he didn’t expect to land in this field. In his 30s, he expected to be an academic teaching English Literature and Drama to undergraduates. And then he spent a decade in Organizational Development consulting for Fortune 500s before landing in thought leadership.

These days, Bill regularly speaks about thought leadership, as the host of the monthly OrgTL Roundtable, the co-host of the “Leveraging Thought Leadership” podcast, and on social media such as LinkedIn.

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