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Hi there! It’s Peter Winick. I’m the Founder and CEO at Thought Leadership Leverage. And here’s something that I bet you don’t say often enough and that’s ‘Tell Me More.’ What do I mean by that? Well oftentimes, as an expert, as a thought leader, author, etc., client, or prospect comes to you with a with a problem, with the situation you’ve seen it many times before and bang you go right into the solution. Here’s what you need to do. I’ve seen this over and over and over again. Right. So follow my lead.

What I think would be a better approach or something to sort of retrain yourself to do more is to slow down a bit and and let the prospect or the client talk a little bit more. And ask them to tell you more. Tell me more about who owns the budget. Tell me more about what the impact is going to be to this organization. If there’s a problem that you have isn’t addressed right now. Tell me more about why we’re having this conversation today. Tell me more about the impact that this issue is having on the business.

And by doing so, oftentimes, the prospect will expand what they’re telling you and will lean in a little bit more. Or you’ll learn that it isn’t really something that they’re in the market to solve. That no one’s been assigned a budget for it. That it’s really more of a nice to have than a must-have.

So, before you reach out with all of your passion and all of your insights and all of your wisdom to get to the solution, make sure that you’re in a, you know, you’re engaging in a conversation where they’re really looking to engage you. And that the problem is something that they’re in the market to want to solve, to be able to afford to solve. And that they don’t have other competing issues going on in their universe that would make this something that just continually stays on the nice to have list.

So, once again tell me more – Three easy words. Love to hear what you think.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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