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Thought Leader Publishing for Non-Fiction Authors | Jesse Finkelstein | 216

 Thought Leader Publishing | Jesse Finkelstein

Publishing Thought Leadership in an Effective Way

An interview with Jesse Finkelstein about helping non-fiction authors navigate the thought leader publishing landscape.

Today’s guest is Jesse Finkelstein, the Co-Founder, and Principal of Page Two, an agency run by publishing veterans helping non-fiction authors navigate their full range of thought leader publishing options to achieve each client’s unique goals. Jesse shares her experience in the publishing world, what to watch out for when signing a contract, how to avoid friction with your publisher and the type of control you can maintain by not going with a big publishing house.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • How Page Two is helping thought leaders have more control over their books.
  • Why you need to understand the contract you sign in order to get the full potential of putting your thought leadership into a book.
  • How can you test your thought leadership before codifying into a book.

If you are going to be successful in marketing you book you’ll need to understand “What Makes a Platform Powerful?”

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