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Thought Leaders Speaking for Visibility | Steve Markman

Thought Leaders Speaking for Visibility | Steve Markman

Sharing your thought leadership by speaking for free and gaining visibility.

An interview with Steve Markman about the free-speaking industry and why getting involved can pay off.

Today’s guest is Steve Markman, who headed the conference divisions for Comdex and The Conference Board before launching his own firm Markman Speaker Management in 1994. Markman Speaker Management provides executive visibility and speaker bureau services with a goal to obtain effective speaking engagements for their clients – panels, solo presentations, and keynotes.

Steve gives us some insight into the free-speaking circuit. He explains how executives and organizations can raise visibility, gain credibility, and push a thought leadership message out to large audiences. We discuss what conference organizers look for when speakers submit proposals. Also, we examine who you want your audience to be, and why COVID-19 isn’t the end of the speaking industry.

If you are a speaker waiting for COVID-19 to pass, you need to hear this episode and learn how you can get speaking from the comfort of your home.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Why thought leaders should consider speaking for free.
  • What thought leaders should absolutely avoid doing when pitching to conferences for speaking gigs.
  • What thought leader speakers should be doing to be prosperous in a COVID-19 workplace.

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