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An organization’s thought leadership team needs to be “entrepreneurial.” 

Because many of the best thought leadership opportunities arise in the space “between.”

Between departments, between organizations and between companies, and their clients and customers. If you’re leading a thought leadership team, you have to develop almost a supernatural sense of awareness for these opportunities.

Now, if you can’t find a radioactive spider, or you don’t want to be exposed to gamma rays, here’s a simple way to start developing those skills. Regularly sit down with colleagues in other departments — research, product, marketing, PR, field sales, executive communications, even the top of the house.

Find out what they’ve got going on. Both opportunities they’re trying to take advantage of and pain points they’re trying to solve. Ask a few questions and then listen and learn. Don’t wait for other teams to reach out to you.

Reach out.

Make sure you understand them and look for ways that thought leadership can help them accelerate and amplify their success.

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Bill Sherman

Bill Sherman works with thought leaders to launch big ideas within well-known brands. He is the COO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Bill on Twitter

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